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Followed by the smart principles. We will define your goal, as without we are perfect as we are and no “problems” exists except mental entertainment.

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60,- €

Explore the magnificent human inner world, visit lovely emotions and great feelings!

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120,- €

Feel the spirit of life, walk the way and take amazing insights with Freedom.

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300,- €

Linger in the gardens of peace, shoot through life, like on a Shinkansen bullet train to discover amazing opportunities!

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I’m very satisfied with the service and our wonderful journey. Me and my husband visited Europe and saw so many famous cities! We had no worries with the transfer, hotels and other stuff - we just had a wonderful rest! Journez are true professionals and they indeed know their business. Thank you!
- Georgia Humphreys
Thank you for your great service and amazing trip I had! I’m a student and I dreamed of a big journey on my holidays. Agents helped me with my route, booked hotel rooms for me and gave awesome tips about travelling. I always wanted to try solo travelling, and I’m going to do it! Thank you, guys!
- John Doe
I loved my vacation in Dubai! I was advised by the agent to pick this destination because of its warm climate and high quality service. I agreed and was very satisfied with my rest! I’m planning to get back for my next vacation! I’m going to explore Europe this time. Hoping for a superb time! Thank you!
- Patrick Smith

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