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Olivier Jacob is a successful consultant, specializing in emotional wounds including all derivatives.
I am are happy to make you relieve your past stress and brigten up to a most promissing future. 
I will tear down your emotional hell and help you transcend it to a beautiful paradise. 
I am an expert in finding appropriate solutions to what you may call “problem”, “dilemma” or even in a more forced positive way, a “challenge”and guide you out of this dark tunnel.

Select the help you’d like to receive, you are just one step away of rejoicing your new life.
We will quickly find the appopriate time to guide you on your new journey.

During our work we organized countless emotional journeys for our clients. We started out in a local community, and now we offer worldwide help. People from all over the world seek our guidance. Today we have valuable experience in helping our customers and we can advise to the most stunning results, happiness and emotional freedom to visit!

Heal your Biggest
Sticking Points

What We Can
Offer You

Various Stages

We offer a great number of paradigm changes to different ways of happiness. You have the option in which direction you want it to go. Select your goals and we will drive you to, what you would have thought, imaginable places!

Emotional guidance all Included

No worries from your side! We take care of your path, resurrecting your life, derivative emotions and so on!

Affordable Prices

We wish to help and understand financial situations. If you are a sushi cook, sushi is also an option. Creativity will give us all wings.

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Take a Look What Clients Says

I can just say one thing, Olivier is so good that, him not doing this job would be, a huge failure to provide assistance. A huge loss for this world. It would be like a doctor just watching someone having a stroke!
- Marius Müller
Thanks, thanks and thanks again. This really helped me find my new meaning to life. The best was that there are no exercises to do, but only for me to realize what i couldn't see until then.
- Merdan Prano
Best guy ever. I was clueless and lost. Thank to him my life now made a turn to the positive and my business also expanded. I wish i could afford to hire him full-time!
- André Siebeke
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