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Lets go on a  Journey together

Founded in 2014, MyQuests was established by driven, dynamic, and innovative individuals who banded together.

Within several years of business operations, we have expanded MyQuests and are proud to able to completly focus on the various needs of our customers. After just two years in the business, MyQuests was presented with valuable awards.

In addition, the consulting  agency has gone through the year long Customer Work and understand the human feelings better than anyone else.

We offer plenty of feedback for intrinsic healings. Our customers trust us and have now the strength to live instead of only survive.

Meet those taking care of you


Franzi Stone

Social Media Manager
Olivier Jacob on a sofa

Olivier Jacob


Oleksandra Lesiv

IT Manager

Why People Choose Us

Everything’s on schedule

We love punctiality. That’s why the time of each client’s trip is scheduled till the last second of the adventure.

Destination variety

With us, you can reach any point of the world map. Choose your country and we will discuss all needed details.

Comfortable housing

Even if you have low budget, you can let yourself to go to the other side of the world and live their in the most comfy surrounding.


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