The 8 week transformation challenge

The 8 week transformation challenge

Week 1: Fundamentals & Goals

The 3 Golden Challenge Rules
How to find and define your #1 goal
The most important factors for achieving your goals

Week 2: Structure

How to bring structure to your life
Maximizing your week
Never aimless again: The guide to the perfect day

Week 3: Discipline

Becoming a doer and defeating your inner procrastinator
Building and maintaining strong discipline
How to make your environment work for you

Week 4: Fear

The most important step in overcoming fear
Proven strategies for conquering any fear
Turning fear into your friend: The Fearless Mindsets

Week 5: Career & Finances

More fun and money in life
The tool for more success: The Strengths-Weaknesses Finder
The 9-step formula for breaking out of the rat race

Week 6: Relationships

Complete guide: Finding new friends
Hacks for making online connections
The one person you absolutely need in your life

Week 7: Self-esteem

Overcoming self-doubt and learning to accept yourself
Strengthening your relationship with yourself (and becoming more attractive to others)
The 6 essential steps to building a strong self-esteem

Week 8: Vision

Discovering what you want from life
Clarifying and defining your life vision
Clear direction: A plan for your life